Timesheets and Batch-Payments
Raise timesheets automatically from the bookings in your Diary® and batch-pay your freelancers.
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Timesheets and Batch-Payments are integrated with FreelanceDiary, the complete booking, management and payment solution for freelancers and talent managers.
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How it works
Raise automated timesheets and batch-pay freelancers.
1) Select bookings
Within your FreelanceDiary® Calendar, select the bookings that you would like to raise an timesheet for.
Select the FreelanceDiary bookings
Automate invoice
2) View timesheet
The timesheet will automatically display your freelancers’ hours and rates, and it calculates the total.
3) Batch-pay freelancers
Select ‘Batch-Pay’ and your freelancers receive payment immediately. You’re charged just £2.50 per payment.
FreelanceDiary fast payment
Calendar bookings
4) Manage timesheets
When you make payment, the status updates to ‘Paid’, enabling you to manage your timesheets easily.
Timesheets in your pocket
Raise, submit and manage invoices anytime, anywhere.
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FreelanceDiary® app
The fully-integrated freelancer booking, managing and invoicing app. Download it fo free.
FreelanceDiary® app
The fully-integrated freelancer booking, managing and invoicing app. Download it fo free.
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